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Terminal Redevelopment

In a time of exciting growth at East Midlands Airport, an extensive redevelopment project has been underway in recent years in order to improve the terminal experience.

To continue to provide the highest level of customer service, all work on the airport has been carried out in stages. With initial work having begun in November of 2012, our target for completion of this exciting project was by the end of 2014, with much of the initial vision for the terminal re-design now realised. 

A particular emphasis of this £12 million investment has been to improve the overall terminal experience, with an additional £1.5 million investment dedicated to the improvement of security.

Terminal Redevelopment Retail

What's New?

Discover how our £12 million terminal investment has transformed and eased the passenger journey through the airport. Find out which mouth watering eateries you can enjoy prior to flight departure, as well as information on security improvements and much more. 

Passenger Journey

Easing the Journey

Improved services and facilities, alongside a fresh complement of refurbished shops and restaurants, means the passenger journey through East Midlands Airport now represents a supremely enjoyable experience where increased swiftness of security process are married with a retail haven.

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