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MARCH 2016 - Lynx XZ721 ARRIVES

The basic fuselage frame of Lynx XZ721 arrived at the Aeropark in early March 2016 from Hixon in Staffordshire.

Lynx XZ721

This Lynx has a colourful history at one time being based aboard HMS Sheffield during the Falklands War.

Doors, windows, tail rotor and all other missing parts will be sourced to enable the Lynx to be finally displayed in its full glory.


16/11/2013 - Vickers VC-10 ARRIVES

The forward fuselage of ex RAF VC-10 XV108 arrived at the Aeropark from Bruntingthorpe for display. The interior will be restored and two sets of steps purchased and painted in RAF Brize Norton colours to allow the public to walk through the aircraft.  



In July 2013, 100 school children descended on the Aeropark, in Castle Donington for a special party organised by East Midlands Airport.

The students were there to celebrate achieving an incredible 100% attendance throughout the 2012/13 school year and were treated to a circus skills workshop, a visit from 'White Post Farm' and the airport Fire Fighters, plus lunch. Each student also received a special gift bag from the airport.

The East Midlands Airport attendance scheme is an opportunity to praise and reward good attendance. Pupils achieving 100% attendance build up a series of certificates and rewards for each half term of full attendance. The pupils who achieve 100% attendance throughout the whole academic year are then invited to a special reward celebration at the airport. This will recognise and celebrate their achievement.

The schools who have been involved this year are 'Longmoor Primary and Dovedale Primary Schools', in Long Eaton (whole school), and 'John Port School in Etwall' (Year 7's only).


Bright sunshine on Saturday 19th November heralded the final move of Nimrod R1 XW664 from the Airport's maintenance area to the Aeropark. After months of planning, the aircraft commenced her move at 09:30 hours along the Mike taxiway for a short stop on Cargo West, before being towed on to the runway at 11:45 hours to line her up for the long push down the temporary trackway in to the Aeropark. 

After a little tricky manoeuvring 664 was in her final resting place in the Aeropark.

The Aeropark Volunteers spent some time getting the interior complete before opening 664 to the public back in Spring of 2012.

The Aeropark opened Sunday 27th November for the first public external viewing opportunity of this magnificent new exhibit.

The move was a massive team effort and special thanks must go to:

DHL Aviation and Aviation Solutions
The Aeropark Volunteers Association
Numerous EMA staff
51 Sqdn. RAF Waddington
Diseworth Lane Residents

Also thanks to:

TPA Portable Roadways, Charnwood Fencing and B&K Building Services.

September 2011 - WESSEX XT480 DEPARTS

Wessex XT480 which was on loan to the Aeropark departed for pastures new in mid-October. This Falklands veteran has moved to the 'paintball park' at Rednal airfield near Oswestry.

Rather a sad end for this hero, which rescued casualties from RFA Sir Galahad.


Nimrod R1 XW664, the RAF's now retired 'spy-in-the'sky', touched down gracefully at East Midlands Airport at 10:29am on Tuesday 12th July, after its final flight from RAF Waddington. It became the newest exhibit in the Aeropark after a period of decommissioning.

The aircraft performed a majestic fly-past, break and landing, followed by a slow backtrack down the runway past the hundreds of gathered enthusiasts and well-wishers in the Aeropark. She then passed under a water cannon salute (above) given by EMA Fire Section before taxiing to her intended destination in the Airport's maintenance area.

It was planned to make the final ground move under tow to the Aeropark in November 2011 to enable the Aeropark Volunteers to prepare her for public display back in 2012.

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