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Aeropark Open Days

The Aeropark holds two unique 'open days' during the summer months. These are the 'Open Cockpit Days' where visitors can access certain aircraft cockpits (for a small charge) and are also treated to additional attractions which in the past have included a bouncy castle, face painting, tombola, vintage vehicles, Airport Fire Engine, classic aircraft flypasts etc.

The Open Cockpit Days give visitors a rare chance to see inside the 'drivers seat' of some of the exhibit aircraft. A small additional charge is made for entrance to each aircraft to raise funds for the continued restoration of these wonderful machines.

The dates for the 2017 open days are:

Sunday 25th June 2017

* height restrictions may apply on certain aircraft cockpits for safety reasons
* the charge for access to each aircraft is additional to the main Aeropark Entrance Fee


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