Waste recycling investment at East Midlands Airport

Local based company Wastecycle has announced a 50,000 investment at East Midlands Airport, after being awarded the airport’s waste management contract for the next three years.

The airport and Wastecycle have successfully worked together for four years and have the most effective recycling plant of any UK airport – successfully diverting 88% of airport waste from landfill.

Adam Freeman, Environment Officer East Midlands Airport said: "With Wastecycle, we have found a like-minded business, who share our aspiration for outstanding environmental performance. By working in partnership we've made great strides, achieving landfill diversion rates of 88% in 2011, reducing waste handling costs and reducing carbon emissions by around 330 tonnes a year."

To further increase the efficiency of its waste recycling operations at East Midlands Airport, Wastecycle has committed to investing 50,000 in new plant and machinery.

Wastecycle's national accounts manager, Daniel Shearstone, says: “With the installation of the new machinery including a waste bailer and weigh bridge, we are able to move even closer to the aim of sending none of the airport’s waste to landfill by 2015. In the past four years we’ve helped the airport increase its recycling total from 38% to 88% of the waste generated by airlines, passengers and the terminal,” he says.

Under the new agreement, Wastecycle also provides a central solution to the collection and recycling of waste from the airport’s 120 tenants, including two major catering operations.

It is estimated that through waste management efficiencies East Midlands Airport will save 492 tonnes of carbon emissions each year, complementing the organisation’s 2012 target of ground operations being carbon neutral.

Daniel Shearstone continued: “By any standards, East Midlands Airport is an environmentally conscious leader and through this investment we’re confident we can make the final push to their target of 100% diversion from landfill.”

Published on: 21/05/2012 13:23:43

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