Airport reports on commitment to local community and environment

The annual East Midlands Airport Community and Environment Investment report has today been published, for the fourth consecutive year.

Providing an update on the business’s continued commitment to the local community and sustainable developments for the wider environment for the financial year 2009/10, the report details programmes and initiatives that demonstrate the airport’s responsibilities to the local community and the environment.

The Investment Report highlights key areas in which the airport has worked hard to mitigate the impact of its operations; including education programmes, charitable funding and donations, arts and continued engagement with the local community, in addition to awards obtained and projects that contribute towards the airport’s 2012 carbon neutral target.

Highlights from this year’s report include:

  • The East Midlands Airport Community Fund supported 101 projects at a cost of 62,486.21
  • The newly installed depARTures art galleries within the departure lounge, which offers local artists the opportunity of displaying their artwork, in view of passengers and staff
  • Improvements to the airports nature trail, in which sculptures, designed by local schools and constructed by local artists, have been placed along the six-mile trail around the airport site
  • East Midlands Airport entered into a six month trial to run an airport passenger transfer bus powered by liquid bio-methane, a carbon neutral fuel
  • A record 84% of waste collected, amounting to 645 tonnes, was recycled – the highest of any UK airport, well exceeding the 50% target
  • East Midlands Airport was the first UK airport to plant a willow farm; which will provide renewable wood fuel to heat and cool the terminal building
  • The recognition of national and local environmental awards
  • A 59% reduction in noise related complaints
  • East Midlands Airport has maintained its ISO14001 Environmental Management accreditation for the seventh consecutive year

Penny Coates, Managing Director, East Midlands Airport said: “The Community and Environment Investment report demonstrates our broad programme of work and long-standing commitment to our local community and the environment. Despite a reduction in passenger numbers over the 2009/10 financial year, we are proud to have remained committed to supporting projects that benefit our local environment and see this as highly important despite the current economic climate.”

Neil Robinson, Director of Sustainability, East Midlands Airport said: “We are committed to meeting our carbon neutral target and ensuring that our organisation is as sustainable as possible. Our efforts to make the operation of our buildings and vehicles carbon neutral, our drive to minimise aircraft noise and our work with the local communities are evidence of our willingness to lead the way.”

The report is available to download from

Published on: 12/07/2010 15:58:56

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