East Midlands Airport launches environment learning zones

Today sees the official launch of the East Midlands Airport Environment Zone, which will help the airport to communicate green issues to passengers and staff and promote its many sustainable achievements.

The new Environment Zone is a welcome addition to the airport’s long term commitment to sustainability and social commitment with an equally important focus on education. Education forms a large part of the airport’s social responsibility strategy, which also focuses on Sport, Art and Culture and Community.

The zone allows passengers and staff to fully engage with the airport’s initiatives and commitments by making kinetic energy to power games. Along side the games in the area, the zone gives educational messages in an easy to read format.

During the past 12 months the airport has made progress with its environmental agenda by launching forward thinking projects and initiatives to reach its target of carbon neutrality by 2012. The many carbon friendly initiatives include; creating a Willow Farm to provide fuel to heat the terminal building, the introduction of electric cars and plans to introduce wind power to produce energy. Biodiversity across the site has also improved with new developments to the airports six mile nature trail; which creates a habitat for many mammals, amphibians and birds. In addition to these projects, the airport also houses its own waste compound, where waste is sorted by hand to ensure the highest possible standards.

The airport’s continued commitment to sustainability also includes, reducing environmental impacts, improving green transport options for passengers and staff, whilst also managing the operational impacts on neighbouring communities.

Environmental management is a core element of the airport’s business strategy and the importance of developing the airport in a sustainable way remains at the forefront of all future plans.

Neil Robinson, Director of Sustainability, East Midlands Airport said; “We have always put the importance of our local community and the environment around us at the centre of our plans. We have made significant efforts in recent years to mitigate the environmental impacts of our operations and the new environment zone will give the airport the opportunity to increase public awareness about how we are reducing our impact and demonstrate the projects we are involved in.

“Operating an International airport, we are committed to best practice in environment management and investing in new green energy and technology to significantly reduce the carbon emissions from our operations. The new Environment Zone highlights the positive steps we have made in the last three years towards achieving our goal of carbon neutrality for our ground operations by 2012.”

Published on: 15/06/2010 15:29:45

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