Airport staff use skills to support charity in Uganda

From changing a light bulb on the runway to fixing solar panels onto a HIV clinic in rural Uganda, this could become reality for staff at East Midlands Airport.

Employee’s skills are being sought to help transform lives of children with life-threatening illnesses and disabilities as the airport’s parent company MAG has today announced its three-year support of Medcare, a UK charity that runs the Wellspring Children’s Medical Centre in rural Uganda.

Staff with practical skills from electricians to architects will have the chance to provide on-the ground support in Uganda at Wellspring and apply their skills in building a HIV/AIDS unit and a centre for disabled children.

MAG has never adopted a Group-wide charity before and a key reason it selected Medcare is because their support will transform the charity’s ability to help so many children.

Charlie Cornish, MAG’s Chief Executive, said: “We do tremendous work in our local communities and support brilliant local charities. But we’ve never had something that colleagues and business partners can get behind together, by applying a combination of fundraising and first-World skills in the third World which can really change lives. I am confident that our work will make an unfathomable difference to people who need help. Medcare is a relatively new, successful charity but is keen to raise its game and increase its impact. The parallel with MAG’s evolution makes Medcare the perfect partner for us.”

Russell Craig, MAG’s Head of External Communications, is leading the project and the first major development that funds are needed for is to expand the Wellspring Children’s Medical Centre in Kamutuuza, Uganda. The first part opened in 2008 and provides general health care, vaccinations, and acute malaria care to some of the most vulnerable children in Africa, together with sponsorship of children with HIV/AIDS and those with disabilities. Since then it has successfully treated over 20,000 children.

Pauline Hutchinson, Medcare Founder, said: “I am so delighted that MAG has agreed to help and support Medcare. I know that just a small contribution can go a long way and change lives. I am confident that having MAG involved for three years will mean a huge difference to the lives of the children we look after at Wellspring.”

Published on: 27/06/2011 13:58:00

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