Airport awarded for environmental management as carbon neutrality countdown begins

East Midlands Airport has secured its third recertification of ISO14001, the international standard for environmental management, marking the beginning of the final push for carbon neutrality.

East Midlands Airport was the first airport in the UK to achieve the standard in 2002 and has now been reaccredited to the Standard following an independent audit. With the airport’s commitment to make all ground operations carbon neutral by 2012, the award is further proof that the airport is on the right track and will achieve its target by the end of 2012.

The certificate recognises best practice for companies who ensure that they minimise the impact of their operations on the environment, by implementing a comprehensive Environment Management System (EMS).

Over the past nine years, the airport has continually maintained the EMS, including; air quality monitoring; testing of vehicle emissions, substantial investment in controlling surface water drainage flows, introduction of manual waste sorting, imposed penalties for excessively noisy aircraft, the introduction of the ‘Sound Insulation Grant Scheme’ and Noise Preferred Routes, installation of various resources such as reduced flush volumes on toilets and the introduction of the airport’s Landscape Strategy, which includes planting a large number of trees on airport land.

Neil Robinson, Director of Sustainability East Midlands Airport said: “Having a mature Environmental Management System means that it is constantly evolving and our team work hard to ensure that it is kept up to date. To have retained the standard for nine years is extremely important to us and we really feel that it is embedded into our business. The audit this year, was particularly positive, with the auditor commenting on the high levels of environmental awareness and commitment observed from employees at all levels of the business.

“Our commitment to being carbon neutral is almost now a reality and we are particularly proud of our achievements to date. We are looking forward to this year and the pleasure of announcing that we are carbon neutral.”

In addition to the ongoing work to maintain the EMS, the airport has also implemented a number of innovative projects to reduce emissions on site including; the installation of two commercial scale wind turbines, producing 5% of the airport’s electricity; a commitment to build low carbon buildings; including a new on site hotel, which has achieved a BREEAM rating of Excellence and is the greenest hotel in the UK; planting a 26 hectare willow farm that will provide fuel for a bio-mass boiler in the terminal building; and achieving a record recycling rate of 88% this year - the highest of any UK airport.

Published on: 04/01/2012 16:03:40

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