Aeropark welcomes newest addition – nimrod r1

East Midlands Airport’s Aeropark plans to welcome its newest exhibit, a RAF Nimrod R1 aircraft, following its retirement at a poignant ceremony held at RAF Waddington on 28th June 2011 and after being on static display at the Waddington International Air Show on 2nd and 3rd July 2011.

The RAF Nimrod R1 is expected to arrive at East Midlands Airport on Tuesday 12th July from RAF Waddington, where it will be parked in the airport’s maintenance area to undergo a decommissioning process, before making its way to the airport’s Aeropark. The Nimrod will be positioned alongside a collection of 17 complete airframes, giving visitors the opportunity to go on board the iconic aircraft that was in service for 37 years.

Flying for the final time, the delivery of the Nimrod R1 will be seen by spectators at the Aeropark as it arrives at East Midlands Airport between 10:00am and 10:30am and will be greeted by a water salute from the airports fire service. The Aeropark will open at 09:00am on 12th July for visitors wishing to see the Nimrod’s arrival and normal admission charges will be levied.

Commenting on the plans for the retired Nimrod’s new home, Ken Williams, from East Midlands Airport’s Aeropark said: “Tuesday will be a significant day for the Aeropark and something that all of our volunteers are looking forward to. It’s an honour for us to have the opportunity to preserve what could be the only remaining Nimrod R1 for our many visitors and our aim is to ensure the aircraft remains as realistic in its new home, as it would have been when it was in service.”

The Aeropark is run on the airport's behalf entirely by an enthusiastic group of volunteers - the Aeropark Volunteers Association (AVA) - who staff the entrance building, look after the site and most importantly give every exhibit the tender loving care it deserves - all in their own spare time. The Aeropark is both an aviation museum and a viewing area where visitors can study the preserved planes of yesteryear or watch the modern airliners of today taking-off and landing at East Midlands Airport.

Published on: 11/07/2011 14:04:22

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