EMA Notams

Transition Altitude changes
The Transition Altitude within the DTY CTA (Control Area), including the EGBB and EGNX CTA (Control Area) and CTR (Control Zone) will be increased to 6000’ QNH. The Transition Altitude in Class G airspace remains 3000’ QNH.

Listening Out Squawk
As from 28th June 2012 EMA will be introducing a "Listening out squawk" 4572. Please remain outside controlled airspace unless you have a clearance to enter, and maintain a listening watch only. This will have the advantage of keeping the R/T workload down. For full details please read entry in Air Pilot. Pilots of aircraft to the west of a line from PEDIG through Nuneaton disused should consider listening out with Birmingham Approach on 118.050 and squawking 0010.

Visit ATC Day
Once again East Midlands Airport are planning to take part in the Airspace & Safety initiative "Visit ATC Day".  Watch this space for further details.





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