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Passports and Visas


Check in desks can open as early as three hours before a charter or long haul flight is due to depart. East Midlands Airport recommends arriving at the terminal at least two hours before departure for domestic and short haul flights, even if you are using online check in.

Before you arrive at East Midlands Airport, make sure you have a valid passport, and visa if you intended destination requires, for your trip.

Many authorities require a passport that’s valid for at least six months from the time you fly. If you need help and advice, visit the UK Passport website.

Automated Passport Gates

The UK Border Agency is committed to delivering secure, effective and efficient border controls and using new technology to assist in that process.

An automated gate system is being introduced in the Arrivals Hall at East Midlands Airport for people with a new style ePassport. It uses facial recognition technology to allow passengers through the border without the need to see a Border Force Officer.

Eligible travellers will be holders of an ePassport containing a chip and this logo on the front cover.

Passport Control

This includes British citizens, EU/EEA citizens and Swiss nationals aged 18 years and over. No registration or application form is required.

The gates are monitored by UK Border Agency staff who will intercept those refused by the system and select some passengers for manual checks.

How to use the gate:

Approach the gate one person at a time.

Insert your ePassport into the slot - open the document at the page with the photograph and place it face down. If in a cover, please remove your passport from the cover before inserting it into the passport reader.

When the first set of glass entry doors open, remove your ePassport and step forward into the booth.

Position your feet on the markings on the floor.

Look straight at the camera - the booth will perform a match of your face to the photograph held in the chip in your passport.

Exit through the second set of glass doors when they open.

Please do NOT:

Cover your face.

Wear a hat.

Wear sunglasses or other glasses/spectacles.

Use mobile phones or other electronic devices. 

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