Who should attend?

This training course is designed for Overseas Fire Fighters who want to gain experience in Aviation Fire Fighting, learn how Aircraft Emergencies are dealt with, an insight to Aircraft Construction, Airfield layout, Military Aircraft and Fire Fight on our 747 Training rig. Breathing Apparatus training.

Training delivered is in accordance with ICAO Annex 14 to suit the clients training needs


Personnel nominated to attend this course shall:

Be medically fit in accordance with the requirements from CAP 168 chapter 8 or company policy

Course Aim:
To ensure should the need ever arise that you are involved in an Aircraft Incident as a Fire Fighter you will be trained to a high level to help with decisions you make.

Course Outline:
The course is designed for you the customer to include Classroom & Fire Ground activities

All Theory content will be delivered in the new Learning & Development Department in Olympic House

All practical content on our 747 – MD 11 training simulator

Course Content & Objectives:

Ladder drills including

  • Basic 10.5, 13.5 ladder drills
  • Crew of 3 ladder drill hose carried, hauled aloft
  • Crew of 4 ladder drill hose carried, hauled aloft
  • Using charged line on a ladder
  • Using hose reel on a ladder
  • BA drills including
  • Entry control
  • Search procedure
  • Snatch rescue
  • Pre entry checks
  • Don and start up procedures
  • External Fire-fighting in BA
  • Internal Fire-fighting in BA
  • Searching large aircraft in BA
  • Search & Rescue using Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC)
  • BA Guideline exercises
  • Internal hose management in BA
  • Donning of chemical protection suits (CPS)
  • Basic decontamination
  • Major Airport Fire Appliance operation
  • Large Appliance Monitor work – pump operation
  • Basic side-line techniques
  • Dual application (extinguishers) Fire-fighting
  • Water relays
  • Basic hose running
  • Working from a hydrant
  • Knots & Lines
  • Road Traffic Collision Training (RTC)
  • RTC Extrication Equipment & Techniques
  • Aircraft Extrication Equipment & Techniques
  • Positive Pressure Ventilation (PPV) Techniques
  • Carbonaceous Fire Training (Flashover)

Course duration 4 – 6 weeks

For clients who need to stay local hotel accommodation can be arranged

4* hotel with dinner bed & breakfast + free Wi-Fi included