Course Outline:

This course is for individuals who require being EU Ops compliant to operate on board a passenger aircraft.
During the session, you will be provided with the necessary knowledge and skills to enable you to effectively deal with in-flight fires by participating in both theoretical and practical sessions.

By the end of this session each student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a basic ability to deal with an emergency situation on board aircraft
  • Assess an emergency or a fire situation and implement the appropriate actions
  • Apply control and communication procedures at the immediate location of the incident

To ensure that you select and operate the correct fire-fighting/rescue equipment during an emergency situation.

Theory Session Contains:

  • In flight fire training video
  • Chemistry of combustion
  • Triangle of fire
  • Classification of fire
  • Extinguishing media methods of application
  • Types of fires/fire scenarios (Galley, seat, toilet overhead locker )
  • Search procedures when in heat and smoke
  • Introduction to your airline specific PPE
  • Fire Service Hand signals
  • Training of your Airlines PPE and smoke hoods
  • Donning your airlines specific smoke hood

Practical Session Contains:

  • Correct operation of fire fighting media
  • Practical fire scenarios crews demonstrate correct procedures
  • Tactics and techniques
  • Practical exercise in smoke filled fuselage

Course Duration 4 hours