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Location Filming

As East Midlands Airport's £12 million redevelopment nears completion, we are now able to accept filming requests.

Please use the following form to make your request, bearing in mind that once you have submitted your request you will be required to provide:

  • A Certificate of Public Liability Insurance to a minimum of £12 million
  • A full Risk Assessment (s)
  • A Method Statement

Filming or photography may incur a location fee. We will advise you if this is payable once we’ve reviewed your request.

Please provide at least 14 days notice before the start of filming. We strive to respond to requests within seven days.

Incomplete Applications Will Be Rejected

This is not a contract and no contractual rights are given or implied by this document.

Any changes to the details entered above must be notified to the press office before the date of filming, as the changes may have an impact on the security arrangements, the airfield operation and/or resources and thus delay your filming or photography.

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