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Managing Our Resources

Managing Resources Around the Airport

Managing Our Resources

The airport is a large site, serving millions of passengers and handling thousands of tonnes of cargo each year. These core business areas are supported by a wide range of other activities; including retail, catering, baggage handling and many more. All of these mean the airport consumes large quantities of power and generates large quantities of waste.


Our environmental policy commits us to:

  • Seek to minimise the production of waste at source and to work with business partners to promote the re-use and recycling of waste materials.
  • Seek to minimise the consumption of energy by implementing programmes of monitoring and assessment.


The airport operates a wide range of programmes to reduce energy consumption and waste.

On-site materials recycling facility

Our materials recycling facility provides waste disposal facilities for the site. By staffing the site every day and providing segregated disposal facilities for a range of wastes including wood, metal, cardboard, paper, glass and other electronic wastes, 88% of waste was diverted from landfill in 2011/12.

Energy conservation projects

Further information about our energy conservation projects is available in the One airport – Zero Carbon section of our website.