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Charitable Giving

Charitable Giving at East Midlands Airport

Community Fund

The East Midlands Airport Community Fund was established in April 2002 and since then over £1million has been awarded to over 1300 projects, to bring lasting benefit to the communities around the airport. Last year 65 groups benefited from a total investment of £56,215.

The Community Fund is managed independently by a Community Fund Management Committee that meets six times a year and is open to community groups within a defined ‘area of benefit’ that meet certain criteria.

The Fund is currently supported by an annual donation of £50,000 from the airport and through the fines imposed when aircraft exceed our strict noise limits. The Community Fund awards grants to support eligible projects that have a long-lasting community, social or environmental benefit and can award a maximum of £2,000 per application.

Fund objectives

In order for an application to be successful it must meet at least one of the following objectives:

  • To bring the community closer together through facilities for sport, recreation and other leisure time activities.
  • Supporting young people to prepare for the world of work and make work an inspiring choice.
  • Offer environmental improvement and/or heritage conservation.
  • Improve awareness of environmental issues through environmental education.
  • Encourage and/or protect wildlife.

Application checklist

Has your application:

  • Been completed on the form provided, answering all questions fully in the spaces provided on the form before adding extra pages?
  • Described the project in a clear and concise way?
  • Been carefully costed with a full breakdown? (You must supply company estimates or quotes including visuals supporting all the items in your application.)
  • Enclosed all the financial information as requested, e.g. financial accounts or copies of bank statements etc?
  • Described exactly where the project is located giving the full address and post code?

Please note that applications for Community Fund will only be considered if made using the form which is attached to this page. Applications will only be accepted once all supporting information has been received including financial records and company estimates/quotes for requested items.  

How should I apply to the Community Fund?

Please complete the Community Fund application form, which is found here.

Community Fund Meetings 2020

Deadline                 Meeting date

8 January                   22 January

4 March                      18 March Due to unforeseen circumstances we are unable to hold this meeting, and are deferring all applications until 13 May

29 April                      13 May

1 July                         15 July

26 August                   9 September

4 November                18 November

Sponsorship Fund

We are aware that there are many worthwhile community groups and projects that provide a lasting benefit to their local area, many of which do not meet the eligibility criteria of the Community Fund. At East Midlands Airport we are committed to supporting as many of these as possible both through our Sponsorship Fund and by working alongside groups to provide a positive influence to those areas around the airport site.

We receive a large number of requests for funding every month, and we try to help as many groups and projects as possible.

Support for local initiatives has long been a feature of our work and every year a range of local groups benefit from an airport grant. The aim of these grants is to contribute to the success of areas most heavily affected by our operations. For example, we support local village fetes, art groups, local museums, sporting initiatives and many others besides. Sponsorship can award up to a maximum of £200 per application.

How should I apply to the airport for sponsorship?

Please complete the sponsorship application form, which is found here.

Sponsorship requests will be considered once a month, please see below for objectives:

  • Sponsorship must have a community or group benefit.
  • Fundraising requests for individuals cannot be accepted.
  • Sponsorship cannot be given to national charities.
  • Groups may apply once a year.

Where do I send my application?

Please send all applications for either our Community Fund or our Sponsorship Fund to

Community Relations
Building 34
East Midlands Airport
Castle Donington
DE74 2SA

Tel: 01332 818414


Coins for Causes

In 2009 East Midlands Airport launched a scheme with the aim of collecting unwanted foreign currency or sterling donations for a local charity, by placing collection boxes in the Arrivals hall. The charity chosen to raise money for in 2019/20 will be announced soon.