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All airport bus services offer low floors that are level with raised kerbs. Where raised kerbs have not been installed the buses can kneel, dropping the doorway down to the height of a standard kerb.


All vehicles are Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) compliant and are fitted with dedicated, purpose built wheelchair bays that allow wheelchair users to travel in safety. Its position varies according to the type of vehicle but there is enough room to manoeuvre the wheelchair into this area. Although the movement of the bus is very stable, wheelchair users are advised to keep the chair’s brakes on throughout the journey.

The bus companies just ask that the wheelchair is well maintained and has correctly inflated tyres. When using the ramp, the wheelchair kerb climbers will need to be adjusted. Unfortunately some heavier wheelchairs and pavement scooters cannot be taken onboard the buses.

View our Airport Accessibility Pages for more information.

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