Airfield Technical Planner

Steve Clouston

T: +44 (0)161 489 5898
F: +44 (0)161 489 3306


Started with Manchester Airport’s Security section in 1981 following service with the Royal Engineers. Joined Airfield Lighting in 1985 and undertook advanced airport operation studies via East Surrey College. Appointed as Operations Duty Manager end of 1997 and Airfield Duty Manager in 2002. Seconded to an operational planning function in 2003 that involved aerodrome safeguarding and the lead operational role on major projects including the ‘bespoke’ stand 100 and 101 development, western apron extension and the northside taxiway maintenance and redevelopment programme. Project managed the delivery and construction of the ‘Monarch DC-10’ Aviation Viewing Park exhibit. Appointed Airfield Technical Planner in 2006, continuing with operational planning responsibilities for airside maintenance and development work which to date has delivered some 2 km of reconstructed taxiway and a first phase of the strategic ‘inner’ northside parallel taxiway.


 Detailed planning of airfield projects entailing:

  • Consultation with key stake-holders including: Customer Airline Representatives, Ground Handling Service Providers, Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), National Air Traffic Services (NATS), Airfield Operations, Fire and Security, Airfield Engineering, Manchester Airport Group Projects (MAGP) and Contractors
  • Assess and contribute to airside development design
  • ‘End User’ assessment workshops
  • Development Risk Assessments – construction phase
  • Regulatory compliance checks
  • Produce Operational Requirement and Safety Statements (ORSS) for CAA approval
  • Produce Airfield Temporary Operational Instructions (ATOI) and drawings to advise the airport community of planned airside activities 

Secondary tasks include Aerodrome Safeguarding, crane permits and administration of the aircraft pushback procedures.


  •  Ongoing northside taxiway maintenance
  • Redevelopment of the apron serving Stands 12 and 15. Stand 12 to provide a Multi Aircraft Ramp System (MARS) up to ICAO Code F (A380) standards
  • Redevelopment of Taxiway Delta between Intermediate Taxi-Holding Positions D4 and D6
  • Second phase of the ‘inner and outer’ parallel taxiway system – redevelopment of the existing Taxiway Alpha abeam the Aviation Viewing Park