We’ve long believed that good environmental management is essential to allow us to grow and develop our business. All our Airports are accredited to ISO 14001 for environmental management and through this we deliver continual improvement not just of our own operations, but also that of our service partners.

We’re proactively working with airlines, handling agents and air traffic control providers at local, national and European levels to identify and deliver operational improvements that will reduce noise impacts on our communities and reduce fuel use and carbon emissions throughout the aircraft journey.

We remain an active partner in the UK’s Sustainable Aviation initiative to develop cleaner, quieter and smarter flying. Initiatives so far have included defining the nature of the challenges and the subsequent development of “Road Maps” for the reduction of noise impacts and carbon emissions from UK aviation.

We’re reducing our resource use by investing millions of pounds into energy efficiency projects using new technology to reduce energy use and into generating our own electricity using biomass, photovoltaic cells and wind turbines. We’re also recycling more than ever and reducing our water consumption.

Our new developments, including Airport City at Manchester give us great opportunities to deliver sustainable buildings and infrastructure and to build for the future.

See what initiatives we are working on at each airport: