Terms and Conditions relating to the supply of Meet and Greet Services

You have agreed with the Airport to park your car at East Midlands International Airport, for the period confirmed at the time you leave your Car with the Meet and Greet Reception.
In these terms and conditions “you” and “your” means the Customer whose name and address appears on the front of the booking form; “your Car” means the motor vehicle that you leave and that is the subject of the Service; and the “Service” means the Meet and Greet Service. The “Airport” means East Midlands Airport.
You have agreed with the Airport that:
1.     The Airport shall have custody of your Car until you collect it, whether at the end of the booked period or later by agreement. However, you should also note the provisions of clause 8 below.
2.     If you have not already paid for the Service, you must pay the Airport the total amount of the charges due. The amount you pay should include any additional charges at the standard rates that the Airport is entitled to make, together with the costs reasonably incurred by the Airport in connection with custody of your Car. The Airport shall have a general lien over your Car until these charges have been paid.
3.     It is your responsibility to ensure that the Car is road worthy in every aspect (including MOT, Road Tax etc.) before entering the Meet and Greet car park arrivals area. In the event that the Car is not in the Airport’s sole opinion road worthy (e.g. bald tyres, no tax etc.) the Airport will not accept the Car for Meet and Greet parking and you will be responsible for making alternative parking arrangements.
4.     Your Car will be inspected and photographed to confirm its general condition prior to it being driven by the Airport.On collection of the Car the Airport may (but does not have to) also ask for evidence of ownership of or right in the Vehicle as may be considered necessary or relevant. The Airport may retain custody of your Car until it is satisfied of the right of the claimant to receive delivery of it and until all charges have been paid.
5.     The Airport shall take reasonable care of your Car whilst it is in its custody. The Airport shall not be liable for:
i) Damage to or loss of your Car or any part of it or any of its accessories or contents; and/or
ii) Any damage to any other property, arising from or in connection with the Airport’s custody of your Car.
However, if it is proved that the damage or loss arises as a result of negligence, a criminal act or breach of statutory duty on the part of the Airport or their servants and agents, then, but only to the extent that this is shown, the Airport will be liable.
In addition, the Airport accept no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage, however caused, resulting from or in connection with the seizure of your Car by the police, HM Revenue & Customs or any person lawfully authorised to do so.
6.     None of the Airport’s employees, servants or agents have any authority to accept any valuables or articles for safe custody, other than the keys to your Car. The Airport will not be liable for any loss of or damage to any such articles that you leave in the safe custody or safe keeping of the Airport, its employees, servants or agents. You should leave your valuables in a secure place prior to leaving your Car in the Airport’s custody.
7.     The Airport may drive your Car whilst it is in their custody for the purposes of parking or otherwise keeping the vehicle and they may move your Car to such a place as it reasonably feels is necessary to allow the Airport to assert its rights or fulfil its obligations under this agreement.
8.     You must collect your Car within 3 calendar months of the date of the agreement unless you have agreed otherwise with the Airport. The Airport may sell your Car if it is not collected within this 3 month period and will deduct from the sale proceeds such amounts as are owing to it under this agreement. However, no such sale shall take place until the Airport has sent you a notice by recorded delivery stating its intention to sell your Car. The Airport may sell your Car if, after 28 days after sending you the notice, your Car has still not been collected.
9.     You confirm that you are the owner of your Car or have the power to deal with the Car as if you are the owner. By entering this contract with the Airport you confirm that you are doing so on your own behalf and on behalf of and with all necessary consents from all others who have or may have any proprietary, possessory or other financial or material interest in your Car and/or its contents.
10.  Someone who is not party to this contract will not have any rights under or in connection with it and the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 will not apply.
11.  This is the whole agreement between you and the Airport in respect of the custody of your Car and none of the Airport’s employees, servants or agents have any authority to vary or add to these terms.
12.  Where you booked your Meet and Greet parking in advance, you will also be bound by the terms and conditions of that booking service. If you have pre booked directly with the Airport or with any of its affiliated sites, the booking terms and conditions can be viewed at www.eastmidlandsairport.com. For all other booking services, please contact your booking agent for a copy of their booking terms and conditions. You should also be aware of the Airport’s terms and conditions relating to the use of car parks, which are displayed within the car parks. These can also be viewed at www.eastmidlandsairport.com.
13. Any vehicle claims cannot be considered unless they are reported prior to departure from the car park. MA plc accept no liability for loss or damage unless proved to be caused by our negligence.