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The East Midlands Airport Master Plan was produced after consideration of all the views and comments received during an extensive consultation period in 2006.

The Plan contained a commitment to produce biannual Monitoring and Implementation reports to track progress on our Development Strategy. The reports contain details of development and progress on the Strategy’s key aims and commitments. Download the Master Plan - Monitoring and Implementation report 2008. Download the Master Plan - Monitoring and Implementation report 2010

Over the 13 weeks of the consultation, the Airport distributed 12,626 full and summary documents and 2700 people visited one of 15 public exhibitions. EMA received over 3000 suggestions in 749 responses (199 from formal consultees and 550 from informal and individual consultees).

We are aware of our responsibilities to the community and continuously strive to improve our performance. It is equally important that we balance our development to address the needs of our millions of customers, and clearly prioritise those issues which impact large numbers of people.

As a result of consultation, the Master Plan was strengthened to include the following key points:

  • A new commitment to make site operations ‘carbon neutral’ by 2012. The Airport will eliminate emissions of CO from its ground operations at the Castle Donington site or introduce initiatives to offset them elsewhere.
  • Tougher measures and penalties on night flights and the noisiest aircraft, building on our existing controls – up to five times the current penalties for a single aircraft (as much as 15,000).
  • No jet training flights on Saturdays (in addition to existing ban on Sundays, at night and on Public Holidays) – and ban on training aircraft not normally operating at the airport.
  • Substantial improvements to grants for those living nearest to the airport.
  • Increased routes, particularly long-haul, in line with the needs of our local community.
  • Investment in new technology to concentrate flight movements and alleviate noise.
  • Extension of surface access plans building on established links, such as the new Leicester Skylink service, completing regular links with our three main cities.
  • A new Community Relations Strategy with increased investment in community projects over a wider area.

The Airport Master Plan will be reviewed every five years.

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Consultation Process and Responses

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