Parking or stopping in an unauthorised area is not allowed and East Midlands Airport would like to remind passengers to use the drop off and pick up facilities provided.

For those wishing to drop-off immediately adjacent to the terminal, the Rapid Drop Off lane is conveniently located alongside the Short Stay Car Park at a cost of 1 for 10 minutes. Head towards the Short Stay Car Park and use the right-hand side lane for entry.
Alternatively 60 minutes FREE parking is provided in the Shuttle Plus car park for the purposes of drop off and pick up. A free bus transfer from the Shuttle Plus car park to the terminal operates every ten to fifteen minutes.

Drivers who park or stop their vehicles to drop off or pick up passengers or for any other reason in unauthorised areas or on the Airport internal roads, will be subject to a 100 enforcement charge which will be issued retrospectively.. This charge is reduced to 50 if paid within 14 days.

This enforcement policy is intended to stop the practice of drivers picking up or setting down passengers in unauthorised areas, which poses a risk both to the safety of passengers and that of other road users, as well as causing congestion and disruption to traffic. The enforcement charge will be strictly enforced with mobile CCTV cameras.