Loughborough Skylink


Our timetable is available in a handy format for easy downloading and printing.


Skylink Bus Stops

Adult Single3.10
Adult Anytime Return16 / €8*
Child SingleHalf price
Child Anytime ReturnHalf price
Family Anytime Return (up to five)2 14.00 / €16*
10-trip Kinchkard320.00
Concessions4Free/half fare

Terms & Conditions

  1. Valid for three months
  2. Up to 5 people, maximum 2 adults valid for one month
  3. Regular passengers – Travel for less with an easycard from Loughborough to East Midlands Airport, which provides 10 single journeys on each card valid for 3 months
  4. National concessionary scheme for people aged over 60 and/or with disabilities – contact your local authority for more details
  5. *Payment in Euro requires exact change

Bus Stop Map

Skylink Bus Stop Map

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