Before you travel

Requesting assistance and making arrangements before you arrive at the airport.

You must pre-book your assistance through your airline or travel agent a minimum of 48 hours before your flight


Booking your assistance

If you require any assistance through East Midlands Airport, please ensure you make the necessary arrangements before you travel. Your airline or travel agent will take all necessary information from you regarding your assistance, and will inform the Passenger Services Team 48 hours ahead of your travel.

Airline assisted travel contact numbers

Aurigny – 01481 822886 - – 0800 408 5591 -
Loganair 0344 800 2855 -
Ryanair – +44 (0)871 9199000 -
TUI Airways – 0203 451 2585

If you are unable to book your assistance prior to 48 hours before your travel, you must still inform your airline or travel agent and they will inform the Passenger Services Team as early as possible. On your arrival we will be able to assist you; however, there may be a slight wait as passengers who have booked in advance will be assisted first.

We also offer blue badge parking for customers who require it. 

Assistance categories

Your airline will ask you a series of questions to determine what kind of assistance you need for your journey. Your airline uses this information to assign an assistance category to your booking. We will use this category to ensure that you receive the relevant assistance. There are many types of assistance, but we have listed a few of the common ones below which may help you to communicate with your airline what assistance you need.

Airport Awareness Booklet and Assistance Passport

At East Midlands Airport we aim to make our passengers’ journey as simple as possible, so we've produced a number of downloadable booklets for you to read prior to travel.

Our Airport Awareness Booklet is for any passenger travelling through the airport; it provides information on what to expect on the way, and also has some pages for you to colour in.

To help us get to know you better, please download and complete our Assistance Passport here.

Remember to bring this with you when you travel so that we know all about you and can make your journey as smooth as possible.

Making arrangements before you travel

Electric mobility aids and general mobility equipment

If you are travelling with your own mobility aid you must always try to pre-book this with your airline or travel agent as any failure to do so could result in your mobility aid not being able to travel with you. It is important that the dimensions and weight of the equipment are supplied to your airline or travel agent prior to travel so any necessary arrangements can be made with the handling agent at the airport.

Assistance Dogs

Assistance dogs are allowed into the terminal building and may travel on aircraft providing they comply with the Pets Passport Scheme. You must inform your airline or travel agent prior to travel so they can make any necessary arrangements. For further advice on flying with your assistance dog please visit: or We have two assistance dog relief areas at the airport. The first is before security and is located next to the Meet & Greet parking area; please ask a member of the Passenger Services Team if you require any assistance. The second is located after security; if you would like to use this area before your flight please request this from a member of the Passenger Services Team as it requires one of our team to escort you there.

Try Before You Fly

If you have not travelled before and would like to see the facilities we offer before you travel, we run Try Before You Fly tours throughout the year so you can familiarise yourself with the airport layout before you travel.

To enquire about the next available dates, please email