Lost Property

Information about what to do if you've lost your luggage

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If you lose something on a plane, or if your luggage doesn't arrive on the carousel

If you've lost or found an item of property on the carousel, or while onboard an aircraft (this includes lost luggage during transit) please contact the handling agent of the airline directly.

The handling agent contact details for each airline are listed below:

For Aurigny, Ryanair, and TUI, contact Swissport on 01332 814203.

Swissport opening hours: Monday – Friday 09:30 to 00:00, or Saturday and Sunday from 13:30 – 00:00.

For Jet2, please contact 01332 406984 – open 24 hours per day.


If you lose something at the airport

If you've lost or found an item of property while at East Midlands Airport, the quickest way to contact the lost property team is by using the feedback form.

We aim to contact you within 14 days if we have located the item.

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