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Parking on the day

You’ll find turn up and park options available at all our Short Stay car parks and Mid Stay car parks. However, with limited availability, we cannot guarantee you a space. When possible, we strongly recommend that you pre-book, especially during peak-periods, to guarantee a space and the best East Midlands Airport parking prices.

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Turn up and park prices

Short Stay 1 & 3

Mid Stay 3



Up to 24 hours


Up to 2 days


Up to 3 days


Each additional day after




Up to 24 hours


Up to 2 days


Up to 3 days


Up to 4 days


Up to 5 days


Up to 6 days


Up to 7 days


Each additional day after


Paying for parking

You can make a payment at any of the automatic ticket machines in and around the terminal buildings. Alternatively, take a token from the barrier on entrance and upon departure, insert your token into the barrier followed by a credit/debit card. Your card will be debited the correct amount and your receipt presented. Lost Chip Coins will be charged at full day rate for the duration of your stay, plus a £5 charge for the loss of the Chip Coin.

To get the best prices, we recommend that you pre-book your East Midlands Short Stay parking

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Picking someone up or dropping off

Are you picking up or dropping off a loved one? Pre-book your Drop-off or Pick-up parking at East Midlands Airport.

Short Stay 1 Drop-off or Pick-up

Ideal for dropping off or picking up, our Short Stay parking is located right next to the terminal, and only a short walk to check-in.

More information about Pick Up & Drop Off.



Up to 30 minutes


Up to 1 hour


Up to 2 hours


Up to 3 hours


Pre-book your parking space

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