Working together for a brighter future

When our business prospers, the regions and communities we serve will prosper too.

East Midlands Airport has developed a strong relationships with our local communities and neighbours.

At East Midlands Airport we have a long term commitment to make a positive difference to the quality of life in our local community. As well as being a good neighbour, we believe that supporting local and regional groups and charities is important to our long term success. Find out more about East Midlands Airport’s commitment to building on our past success and sharing any future success that we have with our local communities.

We explain how we intend to do this and the progress we have made so far within our CSR Strategy and our Annual CSR Reports. For seasonal updates see our Community Flyer newsletters.

These pages will help you to find out how to get involved with the airport and ways in which we can support you.

Contact us at You can also report community noise disturbances here.