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Engaging Communities

East Midlands Airport's Plans to Engage Communities

Engaging Communities

Engaging Communities

As part of our ongoing commitment to the local community, we are dedicated to building and sustaining a positive dialogue with our neighbours: informing, involving, consulting and reporting back to them.  Please find our annual reports published below.

EMA Annual CSR Report 2019

EMA Annual CSR Report KPIs 2019

EMA Community Fund Report 2019

2020 MAG CSR Annual Report and KPIs

2020 EMA Community Fund Report

Meet the team

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 a number of events that would have been attended by our team have been cancelled by organisers following Government advice.  In addition a significant number of our colleagues have been placed on furlough.  As a result, the airport will regrettably not be holding it’s regular series of community outreach events until further notice.

We’re sorry that we won’t be able to see you face to face, but if you want to find out more about our on-site Education Centre, our work experience programme, our Airport Academy, our commitment to the environment, our on-site art projects or how to apply for the Community Fund or sponsorship, please contact our Community Relations team at


Our newsletter

Community Flyer is our newsletter, distributed to over 33,000 homes in the areas surrounding the airport. It provides the latest information on our community, environmental and business initiatives and is designed to keep local residents informed of what’s happening at the airport.


Autumn 2020 Community Flyer

Spring 2020 Community Flyer


Summer 2019 Community Flyer

Spring 2019 Community Flyer

Winter 2019 Community Flyer 


Independent Consultative Committee

The Independent Consultative Committee (ICC) is the formal body in charge of liaison between East Midlands Airport and our neighbouring communities. It operates according to Government guidelines and representatives from local authorities, amenity and user groups meet on a quarterly basis.

According to the Liaison Group of UK Airport Consultative Committees, an ICC seeks to hold the precarious balance between the interests of civil aviation, of passengers and other users of the airport and of people living in the area, and of the local environment.

Read more about our ICC Meetings


2020 Community Impact Survey - Results

Thank you to those of you who took part in our 2020 Community Impact Survey. Your thoughts, opinions and responses help us to shape our Community Strategy and ensure that our programmes and projects best support our local community. Our Community Survey gives us the opportunity to gather feedback from a wide variety of local stakeholders, including people we have worked with during the years, as well as those with whom we have not. The results of the survey help us to gain an understanding of the issues that are affecting the local area. They also help us in identifying potential gaps in our programme or areas in the community that could benefit from the airport’s support.

The results of the 2020 Community Impact Survey are available to read here.


Local Village Rogue Taxi Reporting

East Midlands Airport is aware of the issue of fly-parking in our local villages, and in particular the parking or waiting of taxis. Whilst this is not illegal, we recognise that this is a nuisance for our neighbours. Our Rogue Taxi Parking Reporting form enables members of our local community to report incidents of fly-parking by taxis in the local area. East Midlands Airport will follow these incidents up by contacting the taxi company directly or writing to the relevant licensing authorities. We need to know the vehicle registration number and either the taxi company or the licensing authority. Without this information, we cannot take any action. We will issue a letter to the offending taxi company requesting that they use our free one hour parking facility. If the same taxi is reported to be fly parking for a second time we will issue a warning stating that taxis which repeatedly create a nuisance in local villages will be banned from the airport site, and that any future reports will result in this action being taken.


Community Relations Contact Details

Telephone: 01332 818 414


Noise Disturbance: please use WebTrak


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