Future Airspace Programme

Find out how East Midlands Airport is modernising its airspace.

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In February 2017 the Department for Transport published ‘Upgrading UK Airspace’.  This document sets out why & how the airspace in the UK is going through a process of change.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) consulted on a process for airports to work with communities when they modernise their airspace. This process was introduced in 2017 and amended in 2018, it is called CAP1616 and it sets out a detailed process that must be used.  This document can be viewed here.

UK Airspace in amongst the busiest in the world, and the processes and routes which are followed by aircraft in the UK are in some cases, out-dated and in need of modernisation. This is a national exercise being undertaken by all UK airports. The Airport Operators Association (AOA) have made a useful video to explain why airports need to go through this process. You can view this here.

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We’re at the early stages of modernising our airspace here at East Midlands Airport and we’d like you to get involved.

Read the Future of Airspace at EMA

On 10th January, we submitted an updated version of our report 'Listening to Stakeholders' to the industry regulator, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). This report outlines 11 Design Principles that will help to shape any future flight paths in our controlled airspace. Find a printable version of the document here and a black and white version with larger text here.

This document and its appendices can also be viewed on the CAA Airspace Change Portal.

Our earlier document, 'Be Part of the Conversation,' was used to engage with stakeholders and determine their priorities for airspace change. Find a printable version of the document here, and a black and white version with larger text here.


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