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How East Midlands Airport Supports the Local Community

At East Midlands Airport, we are committed to making a positive difference to the quality of life in our local community. As well as being a good neighbour, we believe that supporting local and regional groups and charities is important to our long-term success.  Find out more about how to get involved with the airport and the ways in which we can support you.​

The Airport Community Fund is dedicated to bringing lasting benefit to those areas most affected by the airport’s operations. It forms part of our Community Relations programme, committed to minimising the impact that airport operations have on surrounding communities.

Established in April 2002, the Community Fund has since helped over 1,700 initiatives benefit from over £2,267,000 in funding. Money from the fund has gone to a diverse range of projects from equipment for village halls to the development of wildlife areas.

If your organisation is within our Area of Benefit then you can apply for any of the four different funds offered by East Midlands Airport. A summary of each of these funds is below along with application deadline dates.

To apply to any of these funds please click the button below:

The EMA Community Fund (up to £2,000):

This fund is dedicated to bringing lasting benefit to those areas most affected by the airport’s operations. The airport contributes £50,000 each year to the EMA Community Fund, and this is topped up with noisy aircraft fines.

Charities, community groups and not-for-profit community organisations within the EMA Area of Benefit can apply for grants up to £2,000 for tangible items of lasting benefit, such as equipment and furniture. This fund cannot pay for running costs, consumables, salaries, rent, maintenance. You can find details about this fund including eligibility criteria in our EMA Community Fund Guidance Brochure, which you are advised to read before making an application.

You can apply for funding using the button below:

The EMA Community Sponsorship Fund (up to £200):

The EMA Community Sponsorship Fund provides small grants of up to £200 to support local charities and community groups with projects and events that provide a benefit to the local community and, without support, might otherwise not be able to take place.

The maximum award is £200; however, exceptions will be considered for events and projects within our nearest villages at the discretion of the airport. For larger projects of lasting benefit please consider applying for an EMA Community Fund grant (see above).

Apply for funding using the button below:

Application Deadline Dates

Application Deadline

EMA Community Fund Committee Meeting Date

21 February 2024

06 March 2024

24 April 2024

08 May 2024

19 June 2024

03 July 2024

14 August 2024

04 September 2024

16 October 2024

06 November 2024

6 January 2025

3 February 2025

7 April 2025

6 May 2025

7 July 2025

4 August 2025

6 October 2025

3 November 2025

Community Fund Annual Reports

2023 - 2024 EMA Community Fund Annual Report

2022 - 2023 EMA Community Fund Annual Report

2021 - 2022 EMA Community Fund Annual Report

2020 - 2021 EMA Community Fund Annual Report

2020 EMA Community Fund Report

2019 EMA Community Fund Report

2018 EMA Community Fund Report

The EMA Sound Insulation Scheme (SIGS) is designed to help the people who are affected most by noise from aircraft and the airport. The scheme has helped many homeowners close to the airport to improve the sound insulation of their homes.​

The households that the scheme applies to are in a boundary surrounding the airport. Within the boundary, any building​

(or part of a building) which is being used as a domestic dwelling (a home) may be eligible for a grant, as long as it was built​ before January 2002.  ​

For more information about our SIGS scheme please see our SIGS Brochure.

The SIGS brochure includes a map which shows the boundary for the scheme and the different zones within it, as well as details of how to find out whether you are eligible, and the contact details of our managing agent.​

Planes cause turbulence in the air that they fly through. This turbulence can continue for some time, and reach the​ground, especially if there is little wind to break it up.  A vortex is a circulating current of air caused by planes. When an aircraft is coming into land, it is common for the vortex to reach the ground. 

The force of the vortex can sometimes damage the roofs of houses under a flight path very close to the airport. Pitched roofs with loose tiles are most at risk of vortex damage.​

Because it is not always possible to identify the aircraft responsible, EMA offer a goodwill policy of inspecting and repairing all vortex damage, as part of our commitment to the local community.  There is only a very small area of Kegworth that is potentially affected by vortexes.​

For more information about vortex strikes please see our Living Near the Airport fact sheet. If you think that a vortex has damaged your property, contact the Community Team as soon as possible by emailing . 

Airport Trail:

We’ve invested in a six mile walking trail, which encircles the airport, providing stunning views of both airport operations and our rural setting. The Airport Trail  features a picnic site and locally produced artwork along the route.​

The East Midlands Aeropark:

The Aeropark is both an aviation museum and a viewing area where you can study the preserved planes of yesteryear or watch the modern airliners of today taking-off and landing at a growing international passenger and cargo airport. ​

The Aeropark is run by the Aeropark Volunteers Association (AVA) who run the public open days at the Aeropark, as well as restoring and maintaining all the aircraft on display.  The Aeropark has regular opening  hours and is also available for group visits – visit the Aeropark website for more information or email for more details about school or group visits.​

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