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Aerodrome Manual

The East Midlands Airport Aerodrome Manual is divided into five distinct parts.

Aerodrome Manual - All Parts - Download

Contents - Download

Part A - General - Download

Part B - Aerodrome Management, Qualification and Training - Download

Part C - Particulars of the Aerodrome Site - Download

Part D - Particulars of the Aerodrome Required to be Reported to the Aeronautical Information Services - Download

Part E - Operational Procedures, Equipment and Safety Measures - Download

For ease of use Part E contains policy statements only; individual procedures in the form of Airside Operational Instructions have been set up separately and can be accessed via the AOI tab.

An annual review and reissue will take place at the beginning of each calendar year, should any revisions be required in the intervening period the document will be amended accordingly and the version number updated.

Annual reissues and revisions (as applicable) will be notified to all Aerodrome Manual holders via an East Midlands Airport  ‘Supplementary Instruction’.