Safety Communications

Learn about safety communications and how you can access them

What are Safety Communications?

Notices issued on an “as required” basis to communicate various information relevant to personnel at the airport. There are 4 types of notices, listed below:

Information Notice (IN)

General communication notice to notify users of pertinent information. E.g. Road closures, Donington Park Events. 

Operational Advice Notice (OAN)

Used to advise of any temporary operational changes. E.g. Planned runway closures, temporary stand closures, maintenance works, any closures. 

Aerodrome Safety Alert (ASA)

Used to communicate immediate safety concerns and/or highlight negative safety trends. E.g. Security Alerts, Safety Instructions. 

Supplementary Instruction (SI)

Used to indicate a permanent change to content of published documentation. Eg. AOI amendments, Aerodrome Manual amendments. 

How are Safety Communications distributed?

When a new communication is published, an email notification with an attachment is sent to the distribution list, so please ensure you notify us of any changes to personnel within your organisation. Please be advised, printed documents are uncontrolled. 

Request a Safety Communication

If you would like to request a safety communication to be published, firstly identify the relevant notice type, and complete the corresponding form:

As this communication is going to be promulgated to all relevant personnel at the airport, it is important the information contained in the notice is correct. As such, all requests need to be checked, approved and submitted by your departmental manager, to

Please provide as much notice as possible for the communications to be created and uploaded, and be advised this can only be completed between the hours of 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday.

Safety Communications Distribution list

When a new safety communication is published to the website, an email notification is sent to a distribution list of internal and external colleagues.

Each organisation can request relevant colleagues to be on the distribution list. Those who receive safety communications must promulgate the information to personnel in their organisation/ teams. Therefore, by receiving the notifications, you are:

  • Accepting the responsibility of ensuring your staff are aware of any changes or information communicated in the notice.

  • Ensuring the validity of documents- printed versions are uncontrolled, live safety communications can be found at the top of this page.

  • Evidencing the safety communications have been read and understood by your employees, as this may be subject to audit.

  • Agreeing to an automated delivery receipt being provided.

If you would like to be added or removed from the Safety Communication distribution list, please complete the amendment to safety communications distributions list form link and send the completed form to

It is your responsibility to update the Compliance Team of any changes to job roles or positions that subsequently require amendments to the distribution list


The Compliance Team will conduct quarterly audits of auto-delivery receipts. As a recipient, you are required to promulgate the Safety Communications to your employees and understand that evidence of this may be subject to audit on request of the Compliance Team at East Midlands Airport.