Faith and worship

Find a quiet space for contemplation and prayer whilst travelling through the airport

Faith and Worship

Faith and worship at East Midlands Airport

The Chaplaincy team at East Midlands Airport offers a service to anyone – whether religious or not – who would like somebody to talk to.

The chaplains are drawn from churches in our area and do not set out to represent any particular form of Christianity.

You may contact our chaplains in person when you see them around the airport, or ask the Information Desk to page the chaplain on duty.

More information is available from the Prayer Room in the terminal building, where you may also leave confidential requests for prayer, or make a donation to charity.

Prayer Room

The Prayer Room is a quiet space open 24 hours a day for prayer, meditation, or just sitting and thinking. It is open to people of any faith, or no faith at all.

Organised Christian worship events also take place in the Prayer Room. For details, please see the notices outside the room.

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Escape Lounge

Escape Lounge

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