Information about flying drones at East Midlands Airport


In 2019, new regulations were introduced in the UK regarding the operation of small unmanned aircraft, or 'drones'.

These regulations have been published by the Civil Aviation Authority and are contained in Civil Aviation Publication (CAP) 722 “Unmanned Aircraft Operations in UK Airspace - Guidance and Policy”.

This document provides details and specific requirements relating to drone flights within the vicinity of aerodromes and applicable flight restriction zones.

CAP 722 can be found on the CAA website, or by following this link.

East Midlands Airport is a protected aerodrome.

As such, you must not fly a small unmanned aircraft or drone within the airport’s flight restriction zones. Please click here to view the areas affected.

The flight restriction zones around the airport must be adhered to at ALL times of the day and night.

The restrictions apply to unmanned aircraft of any size, even toys.

To apply for permission to fly within one of East Midlands Airport’s restriction zones, please email: atcassistant@eastmidlandsairport.com

An application for permission to fly should be made at least 48 hours in advance.

If you are not granted permission in advance of the flight, it must not take place.