Airport Youth Forum

Introducing East Midlands Airport's Youth Forum

East Midlands Airport is part of MAG – a group of airports that includes Manchester and Stansted Airports. At MAG we take our commitment to our local communities very seriously. These are set out in our 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategy, which builds on the strong track record that we have developed over many years for improving the way we operate as a business for the benefit of the communities, regions and environment around our airports.

Our strategy is delivered in three pillars, ‘Local Voices’, ‘Opportunity For All’ and ‘Net Zero Carbon. As part of our ‘Local Voices’ commitment, we undertake a wider range of stakeholder consultation and engagement, including Airport Consultative Committees at each of our airports. The Independent Consultative Committee (ICC) is the formal body in charge of liaison between East Midlands Airport and our neighbouring communities.

Our latest strategy includes a commitment to introduce new Youth Forums at all our airports, to improve the way we consult with a wider range of diverse stakeholders.

To inform our thinking and help us to establish Youth Forums that are exciting and attractive to young people as well as being an effective way of ensuring that young people’s voices are heard, we have been looking at how successful Youth Forums are run around the UK, and holding focus groups with young people from some of our local sixth forms, colleges and universities. We plan to launch the East Midlands Airport Youth Forum in 2022.