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School Arts Projects

Supporting the Arts with East Midlands Airport

School Arts Projects

Art on the Pier

Launched in 2016 with Kegworth Primary School, Art on the Pier is a project between local schools and East Midlands Airport to create new pieces of artwork which are displayed along the Pier in our airport terminal.

The schools involved in the project are firstly invited to a workshop in the Aerozone education centre where the project is launched to a specific class. Those students are then responsible for telling the rest of the school about the project to ensure that all classes are involved in creating the artwork. Each student is given a ceramic tile to decorate in a theme that is decided between the school and the airport. Previous themes have included the history of East Midlands Airport, destinations, flags and local landmarks.

Once the tiles have been created, they are framed and installed along their Pier. A handful of students from the school are invited to the airport to view the pieces of artwork.

We have enjoyed working with Kegworth Primary School, Gotham Primary School and Milford Academy in Clifton on this project and will be working with Melbourne Junior School and Blueboat Beecdale Academy in 2019/20.

We are always looking for new schools to work with so if you are a school and have an interest in this project, please get in touch:


Flag Project

In Spring 2019 East Midlands Airport launched a competition for schools to design an East Midlands flag to represent the entire region. Designing a flag for the East Midlands is a fun and thought-provoking way to encourage children to think about what gives our region its identity.

Over 200 primary schools were directly invited to participate, and the opportunity was also promoted via social media. A panel of airport colleagues including the Managing Director selected a shortlist of 5 designs which were then put to the public vote via social media.

The wining flag was designed by students from Whitemoor Academy in Aspley, Nottingham. Whitemoor’s flag is an amalgamation of artwork drawn by its Year 4 children. The ‘tapestry of ideas’ reflects many local landmarks such as the cable cars at the Heights of Abraham, Chesterfield’s twisted spire, the Boston Stump, the Major Oak, Nottingham’s Market Square, the National Space Centre, the Peak District and Leicester’s Space Centre. These are combined with references to the region’s mining and industrial heritage.