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About Kristiansand

About Kristiansand

With the rising interest in scandi noir and Viking mythology, it’s easy to see why so many people are starting to explore the beautiful country of Norway. While many of these new tourists are heading to the country’s capital of Oslo, the true hidden jewel of southern Norway is the city of Kristiansand. Kristiansand is Norway’s most southern city promising some of its best weather, geography and beaches. 

Founded in the 16


century, the city has a timeless charm that combines the best of Norwegian culture with the universal brilliance of a seaside city. Unlike many cities in Norway, Kristiansand has several family resorts and activities for kids, including a huge waterpark, zoo and even a pirate-themed hotel. If you want to enjoy the best of Norway, there is nowhere better to visit than Kristiansand.

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While Kristiansand doesn’t boast the range of accommodation found in Oslo, the hotels are more suitable for families and tourists. If you’re looking for a touch of luxury in Kristiansand you should book into the Scandic Hotel which offers a peaceful, modern atmosphere to guests. Families will be spoilt for choice, however, the stand out holiday resort must be the Abra Havn, which has been designed from the ground-up as a pirate village – complete with staff who will go to great lengths to avoid breaking character. Backpackers visiting the region can also find a cheaper night’s rest at the Budget Hotel Kristiansand or the Sjoglott Hotel.

Kristiansand is a city offering a wide range of shopping experiences to visitors. If you want to really to catch a glimpse of local life then a stroll down the Markensgate high street that runs through the heart of the city is a must. However, as the Markensgate still plays host to many small businesses, those in search of big-brands may want to head out to the Amfi Vågsbygd shopping mall where you can find many of Norway’s top brands.

The city of Kristiansand offers almost archetypal Norwegian cuisine with one exception; As Kristiansand sits on the coast of Norway it produces a wealth of seafood for visitors to try. When it comes to more traditional fare, first-time tourists must try kjottkaker, Norwegian meatballs in gravy. It’s also worth keeping an eye out for some of the countries famous cheeses which have a flavour that’s quite distinctive compared to British and French produce.

Although the city mostly follows the traditions of Norway, there are a few events that are completely unique to Kristiansand. Timing your visit with one of these holidays can be a great way to enjoy the best of the city:


A festival unlike any other, Protestfestivalen invites the people of Kristiansand to speak up about their political beliefs and debate with one and other. Set in early September, the festival was created to build interest in Norway’s political climate and has quickly become one of the highlights of both the national and global political calendar. If you’re a world politics buff, this is a must!


The celebration of the signing of Norway’s constitution, Nasjonaldagen is celebrated in a similar way to Independence Day in America. While this is a national holiday, one of the greatest places to experience the celebrations is Kristiansand as there is not only a parade but also dancing in the streets, fireworks and a public jazz party late into the evening.

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