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About Verona

In fair Verona where we lay our scene…

While the city is most well-known as the setting for William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet it’s fair to say that things have changed quite a lot since the days of the bard. With a culture unlike anywhere else, choosing where to go in this city of famous art, mouth-watering food and breath-taking scenery is likely to be your biggest problem. Its location midway between Venice and Lake Garda makes Verona the ideal base for a holiday or a superb day trip.

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Whether you’re a Montague or a Capulet, most tourists visiting Verona are looking for a Shakespearian experience and are sure to find it with numerous high-end hotels, such as Palazzo Vittoria, offering classically decorated rooms – which often include a balcony so you can re-enact the classic ‘Where for art thou Romeo’ scene if the mood takes you. However, there’s also plenty of modern accommodation to be found in the city, including the smart Best Western Hotel de Capuleti.

While the city’s main shopping streets are the gracious Corso Porta Borsai and Via Mazzini, Verona is a lovely place to shop and sightsee no matter where you are – so feel free to explore. There’s plenty for the fashionista of the family to find with the high-end designer clothing store Alkimia and the trendy Macondo boutique. Other keepsakes to look out for include perfume from the legendary Profumeria Carlotta and unique knick-knacks that can be found at the Piazza delle Erbe market.

While there are more than a few tourist traps that use Verona’s high-end reputation to overprice their dishes, there are many authentic eateries to be found where you can sample the hearty cuisine of the Veneto without breaking the bank. Risotto and tagliata di mazo, thin slices of beef with rocket, are both local delicacies and can be found for good-value at the Hostaria La Vecchia Fontanina. After dinner we recommend paying a visit to the Antica Bottega del Vino wine bar where you can expect great service and succulent wines.

Verona’s reputation with poets, artists and actors has made it a mecca for creative types around the world. While you can expect impressive street performances most days, there are a few events that transform the city into an artistic paradise and can’t be missed:

A Perfect Day Festival

Held in late April or early May each year, A Perfect Day festival attracts big bands from around the world to help patrons guarantee a perfect day. While it’s essentially a huge music festival, A Perfect Day’s ethos has evolved and now it’s common to see complete strangers going out of their way to give each other a perfect day.

Bacanal del Gnoco

Celebrated in late February, Bacanal del Gnoco is a parade of street performers through the centre of Verona that culminates in a party with gnocchi for all the revellers. Combining the Italian loves of performance and food makes this an unmissable event if you’re in the city.   

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