Parking at Glasgow Airport

Find the perfect parking spot at Glasgow Airport

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Living up to its travel-hub status, Glasgow Airport has developed several parking services to cater to every vehicle and visitor. If you’re considering visiting the airport our parking partners have a few tips to help you find your perfect parking spot.

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While visiting the drop-off sections of the airport can incur heavy charges after 10 minutes, Glasgow Airport has several services that cater to those who need a little longer. Short-stay parking is a great option as it’s reasonably priced and close to the doors of the terminal. However, if you want to completely avoid charges you can leave or meet your passengers at the long-stay carparks, which offer shuttle buses to get to and from the terminal doors.

The perfect place for meeting family and friends, Glasgow’s short-stay parking is split between three car parks. Each short-stay area is close to the terminal and is protected by both regular security checks and CCTV.

While the long-stay parking sites are slightly further from the airport, they offer regular shuttle buses to and from the terminal, regular security checks and spaces that can be used for almost any duration. You can also park in the long-stay carparks for up to 30 minutes completely free, perfect for those looking to drop-off or pick-up friends and family.

Blue Badge Holders are entitled to 30 minutes of free parking in any of the carparks around Glasgow Airport. Simply present your badge to the kiosks found in each carpark and you will be allowed to enter, free of charge. This is to allow you and your passengers plenty of time to get in or out of your vehicle or request assistance.

The Airport has two terminals, which are both located within the same building. All parking can serve flights from either terminal but you can also find your airline on the list below if you want to ensure you’re as close as possible to your terminal:

Terminal One

Aer Arran

Aer Lingus

Air Malta

British Airways









Thompson Airways

United Airlines

US Airways

Virgin Atlantic



Terminal Two

Air Transat


  • Check height restrictions: As the multi-storey carpark is only 2.2 metres high, it’s worth checking your vehicle can safely fit before you book a space.

  • Set off with plenty of time to spare: Due to the common traffic, roadworks and other events that can cause delay, it’s wise to check for any disruptions before setting off for the airport as well as giving yourself plenty of time to ensure you reach the airport on time.

  • 24 Hour Food and Drink: You’ll never go hungry or thirsty at the airport, as there are several chains of coffee shops and a supermarket attached that offer 24 hour service.