Parking at Liverpool Airport

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Liverpool John Lennon Airport is one of the busier medium-sized airports in Britain with almost 5 million visitors every year. The airport offers a varied range of parking options to help visitors by car and to make things even easier our parking partners have a few helpful tips to ensure you find the perfect parking space.

Parking at Liverpool Airport

There are both drop-off and pick-up services on offer at Liverpool Airport. The easiest option for those dropping-off friends and family is the express drop-off section, which is close to the terminal entrance and features a covered walkway. However, the express drop-off section can be pricey so other visitors may want to use Drop-off 2, which is a five-seven minute walk from the terminal. Visitors dropping-off or picking-up passengers are entitled to 40 minutes of free parking in Drop-off 2.

Liverpool Airport’s short-stay parking is found opposite the terminal in a multi-storey carpark. It’s a great option for those picking-up and dropping-off friends and family as it takes about a minute to walk from the carpark to the terminal. It is recommended that you consider more cost-effective long-stay parking if you’re planning on leaving your car for longer than 24 hours.

Housed in a separate car park to the short-stay parking, long-stay parking at Liverpool airport is slightly further away from the terminal. It takes around five minutes to walk between the terminal and the car park and there’s a minimum stay of 24 hours, making it a great option for travellers leaving their vehicle while they’re on holiday.

There’s no need to worry about which carpark to use as Liverpool Airport has a single terminal. All carparks have good travel links to and from the terminal.

While Liverpool Airport is much smaller than the major travel hubs of Britain, it also has a much smaller parking facility. This can mean that it’s just as hard to find a space at Liverpool as it would be at Heathrow or Manchester. The only way to ensure you get the space you want for the best price is to pre-book.

  • Get there early: Visitors to the airport often get caught in the traffic for the nearby motorways and Liverpool city centre. Be sure to check local traffic reports and give yourself plenty of time to make it to the airport before your flight.

  • Avoid fines: Visitors have incurred fines at Liverpool Airport by stopping in the red-lined ‘Red Route no stopping’ zones. Avoid getting caught out by taking extra care around the airport to ensure that you’re following the rules of the road.