Parking at Luton Airport

Book the perfect parking space at Luton Airport

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Catering to over 14 million passengers a year, Luton Airport has many different parking services to suit your vehicle. If you have a flight booked with Luton Airport, our parking partners would like to give you a hand to choose the right parking while saving you a little extra money.

Parking at Luton

The airport has several clearly marked drop-off points close to the terminal, with many other areas incurring heavy charges for dropping off and picking up. The drop-off area can get crowded, so if you think you might need a little longer it’s a good idea to book a short-stay space.

The best choice for those who need extra time to collect friends or family, Luton’s indoor and outdoor short-stay carparks are within walking distance of the terminal. Customers looking for a slightly longer stay, up to a few days, can also book medium-stay spaces.

Luton airport makes it super-easy to store your car while you’re away, with parking options that can last up to a few weeks at a time. Thanks to a brand-new 1,700 space multi-storey carpark and walkway, anywhere you park will be within walking distance of the terminal.

If you want a true VIP service to kick-start your journey then Luton’s Meet and Greet is the perfect choice. You’ll rock up to the terminal in your car and hand your keys over to a professional valet, who will then take your vehicle to a secure carpark. Then when you’re ready to pick up your car, you’ll simply notify the valet and he’ll meet you with your vehicle at the exit to the terminal.

You can be sure that no matter where you park you’ll be in the right place for your flight as Luton Airport has a single terminal.

It isn’t possible to enter any of the carparks without a booking as they all use an Automatic Number Plate Recognition system. While it is possible to book any remaining spaces on the day, pre-booking is the only way to ensure a space and a lower price.

  • Book early: Thanks to the wide range of parking services within walking distance of the terminal, it’s quite easy to find a few on offer for the date you’re flying. Make the most of your money by looking for the best deal as soon as you book your flight.

  • Set off with plenty of time to spare: Several airlines shut their gates 40 minutes before departure and roadworks are common around Luton airport so it’s important to make sure you have lots of time to park up and get through security.

  • Make notes: To avoid any stress while retrieving your vehicle it’s best to keep a note of where you’re parked. Luton has a particularly large carpark and it can be easy to get lost.