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Inspiring Young People - Work Experience

Inspiring Young People - Work Experience at East Midlands Airport

Work Experience

The airport is a diverse, fast paced and truly exciting workplace and we have great pleasure in inviting numerous students to join us for an action packed week each year.

The 2019 Aviation Work Experience Programme

The airport is a diverse, fast paced and truly exciting workplace and we have great pleasure in inviting numerous students to join us for an action packed week each year.

The 2019 programme runs from February 2019 to December 2019

The programme is mainly observational, however students may be assigned small projects (information gathering and research, written pieces etc) to help them gain an understanding of how the departments work together to make the airport operate. This will give students plenty of time to ask questions, and gain an understanding of some of the many varied roles that are available at East Midlands Airport.

Placements at the airport are limited and highly sought after, so if you are interested in applying for a placement please read the guidelines below:

  • Applicants must hold a valid passport or the placement cannot go ahead.
  • Students must be 15 years of age or over at the time of their placement.
  • Placements are geared towards Year 10 requirements.  However older students may also apply.  This opportunity is for students aged 15-19 living in the East Midlands area.
  • Priority will be given to schools and colleges nearest the airport, as well as students from our partner schools, including Castle Donington College and Farnborough Academy in Nottingham.
  • The airport can accept two students per month.
  • The placements are available between February and December 2019.  Please ensure that you tell us which week you’d like your work experience to take place.
  • Applications must be received 3 months before the month you wish to undertake work experience in order to be considered – see monthly deadline dates below.
  • Please note students are responsible for their own travel arrangements and expenses.
  • Students will be required to arrive at the relevant department on time and appropriately dressed. A detailed timetable will be supplied to successful applicants.
  • Please use the correct postage for your application envelope.
  • Please ensure your application is legible and your email address is clear and correct.

The 2019 Aviation work experience programme involves a variety of departments that may include Air Traffic Control, Air Traffic lighting/maintenance, Airport Police, UPS brokerage, DHL freight & logistics, Flight check-in and boarding, Passenger Services, VIP lounges, Airport Security, Airfield operations, Jury’s Inn Hotels, Airport Duty Manager (shadowing), Car Park and Meet & Greet operations.

Please complete the new 2019 application form to be considered – you can download it here.

Download 2019 Work Experience Application form.

The deadlines for our 2019 programme are as follows:

Your placement month                  Deadline for applying         Interview Date

February 2019                                    November 2018                 December 2019

March 2019                                         December 2018                 January 2019

April 2019                                            January 2019                      February 2019

May 2019                                             February 2019                    March 2019

June 2019                                            March 2019                         April 2019

July 2019                                              April 2019                            May 2019

August 2019                                        May 2019                             June 2019

September 2019                                1st July 2019                       July 2019 (TBC)

October 2019                                     1st July 2019                        July 2019 (TBC)

November 2019                                1st July 2019                         July 2019 (TBC)

What happens next?

Shortly after the deadline we will be in touch to offer you an interview. Please ensure you tell us which week you’d like your placement to take place as this will determine when your interview will take place.

Our work experience programme is very popular with lots of students across the Midlands. The interview process gives everyone a fair chance to put themselves across.  In addition to this students gain valuable interview experience.

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