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About Santorini

About Santorini

There are few places more authentic than Santorini for those in search of a true Greek island experience. The island is completely unique as it’s defined by a volcanic crater which was left when the centre collapsed during an eruption thousands of years ago. Along with the white-washed, blue-domed villas, this volcanic history has made Santorini a picturesque destination unlike any other.

A visit to Santorini is as close as you can come to a guarantee of good weather, with reliable blue skies most days of the year and an average temperature of 29°C throughout the summer months. And you can make good use of the climate by exploring the blackened beaches of Kamari and Katharos, dancing through the evening in an open-air nightclub or trying a range of watersports. Whatever you decide to do, you can always end the day with the breath-taking Oia golden sunset, which has long been the inspiration for legends around the island.

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The hotels of Santorini are considered one of the highlights of the island as they specialise in indulgent luxury. Although the exclusive guest list of the extravagant Hotel Celestial Grand may be difficult to get on, there are several hotels that showcase similar architecture and views of the island for a more reasonable price. If you’re looking for a true Santorini experience, both Anastasis Apartments and Astra Suites boast pools that overlook the Aegean Sea.

Shopping in Santorini is done almost exclusively in the island’s world-famous boutiques, making it a fashionista’s paradise. Whether you’re rummaging around the small stores owned by the world’s leading fashion designers or the jeweller’s along Ypapantis Street, if you love fashion you’re sure to love Santorini. Alternatively, you can also buy lots of local produce, including pumice, silk and wine.

As you’d expect from an island nation with a focus on local produce, the cuisine of Santorini is fish-based. Le Ciel Restaurant, a common wedding venue, is a must if you’re looking for a fine-dining experience. The restaurant offers an experience you’ll never forget as it blends the classic tastes of the Mediterranean with modern cooking. There’s plenty of places to drink too as the island is famous for its nightlife that boasts many open-top bars and nightclubs.

Santorini has several traditions and festivals that both adults and children are sure to enjoy. Any of these fantastic events will make the perfect addition to your holiday:

Santorini Jazz Festival

This festival runs throughout July, celebrating the island’s love of smooth Jazz, and sees many musicians add their soothing melodies to the beautiful landscape. The combination of sun, sea and relaxing music makes this the perfect time to visit.

Ifestia Festival

Ifestia Festival is held towards the end of August and is dedicated to the volcanic eruption that collapsed the centre of the island. Throughout the day there’s performances and processions as the locals countdown to the eruption, which is depicted by a huge firework display that fills the sky across the island with light and colour.

International Music Festival

Taking place towards the start of September as artists from around the world are invited to perform in a series of concerts, the International Music Festival is the grand finale of the summer season in Santorini. Local acts play alongside superstar talent throughout the day and night, transforming the island into one big music festival. Everyone can see their favourite acts as the festival lasts for several days and there’s something for all tastes including every genre from classical to the latest dance tracks.

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