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Family Christmas Holidays

It’s becoming harder and harder for parents to make Christmas magical for the kids. While it’s easy to just put a few more presents under the tree and call it a day there’s nothing that gets them more excited than the thought of a Christmas adventure. A quick trip to Europe might be fun for adults, but for kids it’s like stepping into another world for a few days. Treat your family this year to the winter trip of a lifetime and book to fly from East Midlands Airport to one of these incredible Christmas destinations:

Lapland: A Magical Christmas

If you’re looking for a magical Christmas getaway for the kids, what better place could there be than Lapland. Visit Santa in his workshop before he sets off on his big Christmas Eve trip to deliver presents around the world, then take a ride in a reindeer-led sleigh while gazing up at the incredible Northern Lights.

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Amsterdam: A Christmas Like No Other

While Amsterdam may not be the first kid-friendly destination that comes to mind at Christmas, that’s probably because you haven’t heard of Efteling. An adventure park dedicated to local folk stories built years before Disney, Efteling is a truly incredible place to visit and one of the most popular theme parks in Europe. You’ll find lots to get the kids excited, including attractions based on Arthurian legends and Grimm’s fairy tales. The park even hosts a series of winter bonfires and feasts to make Christmas even more special.

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Berlin: The Home Of Christmas Markets

Christmas Markets have overrun Britain in recent years but in Germany, they’ve been a part of the holiday tradition for centuries. Make this the year that you travel to the home of Christmas markets and enjoy all the Christmas cheer Berlin has to offer including a magical Christmas Garden at the Berlin Botanical Gardens and a wonderful Funfair in Alexanderplatz. The whole city is a non-stop whirlwind of holiday fun and it’s sure to give the little ones memories they’ll never forget.

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Malta: A Silent Night

While lots of families might enjoy busy cities, there are just as many who’d rather be somewhere a little quieter and there is nowhere better for a quiet Christmas getaway than Malta. Malta is much warmer than the other destinations on this list so you’ll be able to nip to the beach on Christmas Day if you want to. However, the true appeal of the country at Christmas is its extremely detailed nativity scenes, called Presepji, which are an iconic part of the celebrations.

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