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Arriving at East Midlands Airport

Enjoy a smooth journey when arriving back at the airport

Arriving at the airport

Assistance When Arriving into East Midlands Airport

When you arrive back at East Midlands Airport, please stay on the aircraft until a member of our Passenger Services Team arrives to assist you. We will send a member of staff appropriate to the type of assistance the airline has informed us about; if this changes there may be a slight wait for the assistance as we will need to arrange this for you.

If you are travelling with your own mobility aid our team will endeavour to get this returned to you as quickly as possible. This is normally as soon as you disembark the aircraft, though there may be a few occasions where this is not possible.

In the unlikely event that your mobility aid is lost or damaged during your flight, please report this immediately to the airline once in the baggage reclaim hall. We do have a scheme where we can loan you a wheelchair; if you require this service please ask a member of our team so we can arrange this for you.

Immigration/Passport Control

There are three arrival channels into East Midlands Airport: International Arrivals, Common Travel Arrivals and Domestic Arrivals. The route you use will depend where you are arriving from: Domestic Arrivals and Common Travel arrivals both use one channel to enter the building and do not have a queuing system; International Arrivals has two channels.

When you enter through International Arrivals a member of our Passenger Services Team will escort you to the Immigration desks avoiding the main queue system.

Baggage reclaim

If you require assistance from the baggage reclaim hall onward, a member of the Passenger Services Team will be able to assist you. However, due to operational requirements, there may be a slight wait for a member of our team to become available.