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Returning from your Journey

Enjoy a smooth journey when arriving back at the airport

Arriving at the airport

Assistance When Arriving into East Midlands Airport

When you arrive at East Midlands Airport, please make yourself known to a member of your cabin crew and remain seated during the disembarkation process. A member of Passenger Services staff will be automatically dispatched to meet you at the aircraft to discuss your needs, and arrange for the appropriate assistance for you.

If you are travelling with your own mobility aid, our team will endeavour to reunite you with it as soon as possible. In the unlikely event that it is returned to you damaged, our staff will help you report this to the airline’s representatives in the baggage reclaim hall. We are also able to offer you an alternative manual powered wheelchair on loan until the airline has resolved the issue.

Immigration/Passport Control

If you need assistance through Immigration you will need to book assistance with your airline. A member of passenger services will then meet you on the aircraft and escort you through the process.

Baggage reclaim

If you require assistance with retrieving your bags in the baggage reclaim hall, or any part of your journey from there, a member of the Passenger Services team will be able to assist you. In some circumstances, there may be a short wait before we are able to provide this assistance to you. In this case, we have a dedicated assistance waiting area where we will ask you to stay until a member of staff becomes available to complete your journey.