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Hidden Disabilities

Support for passengers with invisible disabilities

Hidden Disabilities

Travelling with a Hidden Disability

If you or a member of your party is travelling with a hidden disability, we have a range of assistance on offer to make your journey through the airport more comfortable.

We operate a ‘hidden disabilities’ lanyard system through the airport. The lanyards are intended to indicate to airport staff that the wearer (or a companion) may require additional time, care and understanding when journeying through the airport. To obtain a lanyard, you can either pick one up from the Passenger Services Desk in the check- in hall, or email us at, providing your name and postal address, so we can dispatch one to you free of charge.

Try Before You Fly

We also offer ‘Try Before You Fly’ visits throughout the year for those that require some familiarisation with the airport in advance of travel. More information is available on the Before you travel page.

Hearing and visual impairment

There are various points across the terminal where we have induction loop systems; these are clearly marked by the ‘sympathetic ear’ symbol. All signage across the airport is in yellow text on blue background. If you require any assistance, please book this with your airline and discuss with us so we know how to best assist you.

Travelling with dementia

The Alzheimer's Society has produced a Factsheet with tips and guidance for travelling with dementia. Please contact us if you require any further assistance.